my lemonade diet diary

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I’ll be starting the detox tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. The last few weeks I’ve been eating and drinking quite unhealthily. I want to get the full benefits of the detox and also lose a few pounds if possible. I would love to clear up my sinus’s which are always blocked up. I’m also using it as an opportunity to reset my eating habits and get back into eating healthily.


Although I will be basically following the Lemonade Diet (also known as the Maple Syrup Diet, Campbell Diet, Master Cleanse Diet) I will be making some changes. I realise that followers of the diet say that it will only work if it is followed exactly. That may be true but I am sceptical about some of the claims about the diet and think some of the results are only short term.

 For instance, people report being very tired for the first few days of the diet and put this down to toxins working through the system, that may be true but I think it’s more likely that it’s because the diet is very low calorie so therefore you have less energy and feel tired. I want to go on detox diet, eat less, but also eat healthily and safe.

 I only have 9 days to do the diet, I’m off work for 5 with weekends on either side. Depending on how I feel I might continue the diet or else I might end it next sun and re-introduce some simple foods – apparently that is tricky so I don’t want to be ill or have any incidents when I get back to work!

I have done some research about diet and some nutritionists advise against the diet and say it does not result in real weightloss. A particularly good article is:

 “Another risk of rapid weight loss is the loss of lean muscle tissue. Nutrition expert Pamela Peeke, MD, says that without enough protein in the diet, your body must get protein from some other source — so it burns its own muscle mass. At the end of the fast, the dieter will weigh less, but his or her body will be higher in fat and lower in muscle.

“Lean muscle and fluids are the first to go on starvation diets, not belly fat,” Johnson says. “And the problem is that when you lose muscle mass, you turn down your metabolism, so it is counterproductive when you return to normal eating because you will need fewer calories.”

 So I have decided to supplement my diet with some protein. I don’t eat meat and I want to keep my diet simple for the diet so I will be eating just pure tofu. I will reduce the calories I take in Maple syrup to allow for this protein.

 I realise this is a major departure from the diet but I also believe in the science of it, I think when people report losing a lot of weight quickly it’s not fat they are losing but water weight and also muscle weight.

I also want to take a little good fat. I’m not so sure this is a good idea, I’m meant to be encouraging my body to use the fat stores. But also I don’t want my body to go into starvation mode – then it starts to store fat. I had one table spoon of hemp oil, which is incredibly good for you, I just hope it’s a good idea to have it during the diet.

 Another article at:

“One final note: The Lemonade Diet should be called by its original title: The Master Cleanse. Any program with “diet” in its title provokes the idea of the newest weight loss trend. This diet is no exception as perennial dieters seek the latest ways to shed unwanted pounds. The fact is lemons are not magical fat-burners. The only reason for weight loss with the Lemonade Diet is the unfavorable breakdown of muscle and fat stores in order to sustain our highly active bodily systems, as well as the depletion of our water stores”

Also, from:

“As more protein is lost from the muscles, the more fluid is also lost because protein holds around four times its weight in water. Therefore, losing lots of weight within a few weeks is mostly a loss of fluid, and not fat. If someone lost five pounds in the first week, for it to be all fat loss there would have to be a deficit of 17,500 calories! To reach that kind of energy deficit in that short period of time would require constant exercise! Over the period of a week, about only one pound of the five pounds lost is fat, the rest is mostly water. Protein and its fluid replacement is the main reason that many dieters regain weight after a diet. In other words, the fluid is replaced once the physiology of the body stabilizes.”

These are more reason’s to take the protein. Even If I don’t get the weight loss reported by others I think it will be a healthier plan.


“Drink at least the minimum amount of the lemonade each day; Burroughs and Glickman both state that one should drink 6 to 12 glasses of the lemonade per day. With 100 calories per 2 tablespoons of Grade B maple syrup, and 8 calories per 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and 1 calories per 1/6 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, each drink provides approximately 109 calories. Thus, it would be important to drink 11 to 12 glasses per day to ensure that at least 1200 calories were consumed”

 According to an online RMR calculator and based on my height and weight I should have 1818 calories minimum per day. 1200 seems to be the absolute minimun for anyone.


  • 11.30pm had laxative tea and went to bed. I like herbal tea so I enjoyed it. A little bit more bitter tasting though than my usual teas.


  • Salt Water Flush = 2 table spoons of sea salt in 2 pints of room temperature still spring water
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon or lime juice with 2 tablespoons of real maple syrup and 1/10 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Add to a 10 ounce glass of lukewarm water. Freshly grated lemon peel may also be added to the drink, which produces an even greater laxative effect.
  • Six to 12 glasses of the lemonade mixture should be consumed daily. If the dieter needs to lose weight, the amount of the real maple syrup can be reduced to 1 tablespoon, and for those needing to gain weight, the real maple syrup can be increased to 3 tablespoons.


  • I weighed myself: 87KG – my normal weight is around 83KG I can’t stay  below that. I’m 5’10 so I should be—————-. By the way, don’t put the scales on a carpeted floor when weighing yourself, you get a totally inaccurate reading.
  • 1130am – no result yet from the laxative tea I had last night
  • 11.40am – I had one pint of the salt water flush (1 tablespoon salt) It’s really horrible to drink such a salty drink – it feels wrong, I generally try to keep my salt intake low for health reasons, also it makes the body retain water. I suppose it’s good to flush out the toxins – Just a few minutes later I can already feel some rumblings. Maybe it’s also good for Hydration etc during the diet.
  • 11.56AM – I double checked a few sources on the internet and it seems 2 level table spoons of non iodinised sea salt to one quart (2 pints) of water. So I had another pint. Hopfully the gap between them won’t make a difference. Apparently this will result in a ‘Major Evacuation’ in two hours. That would not surprise me. I feel really bloated and a little sickly. I think I’ll wait a while before I have a lemon drink.
  • 12.10 – had a bowel movement, I don’t think it was because of the salt flush, maybe just a normal one I was due anyway.
  • 12.47 – Salt flush related ‘Evacuation’ – you’ll want to be at home when this hits. Not pleasant. It takes about 45 mins of running back and forth to the bathroom!
  • 1.30 – first lemonade drink, it’s actually very nice. I put it some lemon rind as well since I got unwaxed organics lemons and I read it’s good for increased laxative effect. I used only 1 table spoon of maple syrup so that means the drink will be just 60 calories. I can make up the deficit with tofu.
  • 3pm – had a few spoonfuls of silken tofu (blended) it’s pretty bland but don’t want to mix it with anything in case combining food together and having at the same time has an adverse effect on the diet.
  • 3.30pm – second lemonade drink this rime with two spoonfuls of maple syrup – approx 110 calories
  • 6pm had a few more spoons of tofu
  • 6.50pm – had on table spoon of hemp oil – approx 120 calories
  • 7.10pm had reminder of the tofu, so that’s a total of 210 calories from the tofu
  • 7.25pm having my third lemonade, 2 tsb maple.
  • 9.55pm having my fourth lemonade, 2 tsb maple.
  • 11PM having my fifth lemonade, 2 tsb maple.
  • 11.30pm  having my sixth lemoade, this brings me up to about 1180 calories, just a few short of the minimum.

 I feel hungry, but not desperately do, it’s a challenge so in that way it’s enjoyable. I’m glad I have plenty to do and that I’m at home.


 I realise yesterday I was drinking from quite a large glass making it difficult to have the amount of lemonades / calories I needed. I think six is a good amount for me as it allows me to have my tofu and oil and still stay around 1200 calories.  I finished before bed but had to urinate a few times throughout the night.

Went to bed last night about 12 and had a rest this morning, woke up really tired and started in bed sleeping till about 10.30.

Had two bowel movements so far this morning and feel a bit rumbly.

Weighed myself just now, between 86-7kg – maybe down a little from yesterday or maybe the scales isn’t very accurate. Anyway, I definitely feel less clogged up and generally feel fine.

 12.10 – first lemonade of the day. Having it before the salt wash as I want to get my metabolism working and when I do the wash I won’t feel like drinking anything else for a while.

 2.20 – Had first pint of salt flush. Still horrible and makes me feel a bit sick and possibly even a bit dizzy.

 2.40 – had second pint of salt flush. Punishing. Definitely worst part of the diet.

 4.00 – had half block tofu with 1 tbs maple syrup

 4.30 had lemonade drink with just one tbs maple syrup

 6pm had half block tofu with 1 tbs maple syrup

 7pm – had tbs of olive oil

 7.30pm had lemonade drink with just one tbs maple syrup

 8pm had half block tofu with 1 tbs maple syrup

 8.30  had fourth lemonade frink with one tbs maple syrup

 DAY 3

 Not quite so tired this morning. Had a regular bowel movement. Weighed myself, 86kg. A little down from yesterday, nothing drastic but I know that by having the tofu and oil the results will be less drastic but I hope healthier and more sustainable. I definitely feel well and a bit lighter. No headaches etc but I’m not addicted to coffee or nicotine etc. I do drink coffee but not habitually.

 Took me a while to get organised though so only having first lemonade now at 11.30. I do feel a little hungry but not starving.

12.20 had tbs walnut oil, I wanted to have it early and hopefully tell my body it is not in starvation mode so it doesn’t cling on to fat reserves.

1.10 had half carton of tofu, blended and chilled, with 1 tbs maple syrup poured on top.  Delicious. Hopefully combining food types won’t affect the diet.

2.10 had second half of tofu carton with 1 tbp syrup

 DAY 4

 I didn’t do the salt wash today as I was too busy to deal with it, but I did have a few bowel movements so I don’t think it will have affected it too much. Also I had a soya yogurt as extra protein and two less lemonades, calories should be around 1200 again. I didn’t stick tigidly to the plan but didn’t veer off too much either.

 Finishing the night with a peppermint tea and a laxative tea.

 DAY 5

 Between 85-6kg today,

I had a lemonade when I got up and then a large pure soya yogurt before going out.

 When I got back I had another lemonade and did the salt flush, this time I took  big gulps and drank it as quickly as possible which makes it easier, glad I did it but the results have been the same, some people report mucus etc, I’m just eliminating the lemonade I think. I think maybe my system is not as clogged up as other might be as I did a 2 day cleanse fairly recently and also I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years so my system is more regular than a meat-eater.

 Had a box of tofu with two tbs of maple syrup as I was pretty hungry and trying to concentrate on some work. I have to say I’m not really struggling with the diet, I’ve got into the routine of it, no way I could do it if I was in work or had to go out much.

 I’ll be working from home on fri / sat / sun, I had originally planned on doing the diet on those days, but I don’t want to do the salt flush as it takes up too much time constantly running to the toilet, also I’ll have company so I think I’ll make some basic light meals and enjoty those but still stay down around 1200 calories hopefully. I’m going to be doing that for a while until I lose some more weight.

 So far the diet has definitely had an effect, I feel and look less bloated, I doubt much of that is fat, hopefully a little, but it has helped me to reset my habits and given me encouragement to take on a healthy low calorie diet for a while. I’ll be on the diet for two more days anyway so might get some more results.


Weighted myself; back up to 86-7kg even though I’ve been doing the same thing each day.  Didn’t do the salt flush today as I was too busy. Otherwise everything the same.


Last day. Weighed myself, 85kg, lowest I’ve been in a while but I don’t necessarily think it will stay like that, It’s certainly not all fat I’m losing, probably natural water retention and elimination causes the changes. I definitely have lost a few inches though and feel good about starting to eat more healthily all the time but still enjoy good fresh food . I bought a few ingredients today to make some soup tomorrow. I also got some whole grain bread to have with it. I’m going to lay off saturated fats and salt and carbs such as pasta especially in the evening.


Although I have just done the diet for 7 days and I changed it a bit I think I got a good idea of what it can offer. I’m definitely glad I did it and would recommend it for people who want to make a clean break and end unhealthy eating cycles and start afresh. I felt well doing the diet but would strongly advise anyone doing it to be at home with plenty of things to do to keep busy. Finally I would advise that if you cant do the diet for practical reasons a more realistic and sustainable plan is just to eat healthily with reduced calorie intake if you are trying to lose weigh. Avoid all processed foods and foods with sugar and salt. Having a varied diet with protein, good fats and carbs and loads of fresh fruit and veg is the best diet as far as I can see.


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